DISCUS: What does customer really wants?

Before you can build, you must have an idea

Our first meeting will be to discuss your big picture ideas to define the scope of the project and get clear on your objectives.

We believe that our client makes us better because if there isn’t an idea we can do very little.

Appropriate design direction is created through discussions between clients and architects team. Several relevant issues are considered and brought to a level of understanding and commitment. This, in turn, gives rise to design decisions that dictate the size of the project, the context of the site and the constructability of the concepts.

Designing a house that suits your needs, your hopes and especially YOUR dreams is our priority. To achieve that we must have intense communication with the client.


“Good design is about doing things right; good architecture is about ensuring we’re doing the right things”

After the first meeting, we’ll make 3D animation and floor plans to bring your dreams to life.  With our 3D expertise, you won’t have to interpret 2D blueprints to visualize your home design.  We’ll do our best to create a vivid portrait of the design in 3D to help you get a right “feel” for the look and layout of your home design.

Designing a product is like designing a relationship
We believe that a designer does not get hired to make to make pretty things and win awards, they’re hired to solve client’s problems.
The design is the solution for a problem and is carefully thought out to achieve a goal.
Our strategic process of creating value allows us to consistently deliver impactful design ideas.
Maximizing Use of Visualization Technology
The success of our 4D approach relies upon our ability to collaborate on projects in real time and space through the virtual world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D-software programs such as Revit, Lumion, and SketchUp. These BIM programs have transformed the way architecture, engineering, and construction industries interact with one another. We offer our clients the most innovative visualization opportunities, bringing their projects to life through virtual reality. These technologies allow our design teams to accurately depict the true experience of a building, realistically communicating the final design before a project ever breaks ground.


‘You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site.’
The idea is to fixing mistakes at any point during the process is okay. It lets you know that you shouldn’t let something go just because it is in its final stages.
On this stage our aim is to sort out any differences between proposed idea and final product,
As the saying goes, ‘Designing a product is like designing a relationship’ we want to make sure this relationship last long and we provide the best service to our clients.


Our pool of experts take care of your projects right from the designing till the product/service is complete. We stick to the stringent deadline that we promise, as we do understand the value of time.


Landscaping in Pakistan
Landscaping in Pakistan
Landscaping in Pakistan
Landscaping in Pakistan
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Interior Design in Pakistan
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